2013. Our most insane year yet. The Reason – as a team – shot 28 photo weddings and 31 video weddings (most of them combined). We travelled to 28 different cities and 8 different states, including Georgia, Florida, Alabama, North and South Carolina, Mississippi, Wisconsin and California. It was, without a doubt, the hottest AND rainiest year ever. We happened to snag a photo of John Travolta with one of our brides and grooms. Chris managed to break his leg, but we learned (actually, we already knew) how amazing our fellow wedding photographer friends are when more than a few stepped in to help us out. The best part? You invited us to be a part of all these sweet, unique, beautiful weddings. Thank you! Stay tuned for a video review.

Take a look below at some of our favorite moments from 2013 and what a few of our brides and grooms had to say about their favorite photos. To see the full blog post from each wedding, click on the corresponding photo.

Stephanie + Brian || February 9th || Lawrenceville, GABlog_Layouts_2013Review

Ashley + Derek || March 2nd || Montgomery, ALBlog_Layouts_2013Review2“We love these photos (below) because we feel like it captures the sweet day that we had and our sweet love for one another.” – AshleyBlog_Layouts_2013Review3

Angela + Will || April 6th || Oxford, MSBlog_Layouts_2013Review4

Rachel + Seth || April 13th || Atlanta, GABlog_Layouts_2013Review5

April + Stewart || April 20th || Weaverville, NCAprilStewart_w_Love212
“This is a gorgeous, far away shot that really captures the beauty of the location and the weather that day. Everything was perfect, and this seems to have everything in one shot. We’re having a large print made of it that we’ll hang on the wall. In 10 years, we’ll be able to look back and remember the beauty that was around us that day and how God was in every detail.” -StewartBlog_Layouts_2013Review6

Cameron + Jordan || April 27th || Madison, GABlog_Layouts_2013Review7

Kensey + John || May 11th || Haig Point, SCBlog_Layouts_2013Review8

Whitney + Blake || May 18th || Birmingham, ALBlog_Layouts_2013Review9

Katie + Kalen || May 19th || Rockmart, GABlog_Layouts_2013Review10

Katelyn + Ben || May 25th || Young Harris, GABlog_Layouts_2013Review11 “I can’t wait to look back at these photos and remember how much fun we had that day with each other, with Chris + Allie, and how blessed we are to have each other. We will treasure them for the rest of our lives!” – KatelynBlog_Layouts_2013Reviewextra And of course, John Travolta!Blog_Layouts_2013Review12

Katie + Jay || June 1st || Atlanta, GABlog_Layouts_2013Review13

Molly + Red || June 8th || Atlanta, GABlog_Layouts_2013Review14

Melissa + Adam || July 13th || Santa Rosa Beach, FLBlog_Layouts_2013Review15

Brittni + Jeremy || July 20th || Atlanta, GABlog_Layouts_2013Review16

Hauna + Justin || August 1st || Destin, FLBlog_Layouts_2013Review17
“We decided this was our favorite picture from our wedding because it captured our wedding day perfectly with the strong love that we have for one another.” – HaunaBlog_Layouts_2013Review18

Amanda + Bill || August 3rd || Milledgeville, GABlog_Layouts_2013Review19

Kelsey + Ben || August 10th || Columbus, GABlog_Layouts_2013Review20 “We are in love with all our photos, but we will value this picture always. It will be such a reminder of exactly how we felt on that day. We were definitely hot and sweaty, but admits the heat we felt joy. This picture to us truly captured how we look back on our day. It was a long-awaited day filled with love and laughter because we were finally united.” – KelseyBlog_Layouts_2013Review21

Ashlee + Chris || September 7th || Lodi, CABlog_Layouts_2013Review22 “We absolutely loved this photo. It was just the best way to capture that moment after our first kiss, and the excitement we both felt to finally be married! We have it in our room right now, and it is one that we know in 10 years we will look back on and instantly remember the realization that we both had of ‘I get to be with this person for the rest of forever!’ In 10 years, in the good or the bad, this photo will be such a great reminder to the both of us of how blessed we are to have each other!” – AshleeBlog_Layouts_2013Review23

Carly + Micah || September 21st || Cleveland, GABlog_Layouts_2013Review24

Cassie + John || September 28th || Rockmart, GABlog_Layouts_2013Review25

Allison + Brandon || October 5th || Dahlonega, GABlog_Layouts_2013Review26 “We love this one(below)! For us, we hate posing in pictures. But we look so comfortable and happy here. The picture seems to capture the feelings of that day – warmth and love!” – AllisonBlog_Layouts_2013Review27

Laurissa + Alex || October 12th || Douglasville, GABlog_Layouts_2013Review28

Chelsea + Michael || October 19th || Big Canoe, GABlog_Layouts_2013Review29

Whitney + Kyle || October 26th || Hartsfield, GABlog_Layouts_2013Review30

Madison + Taylor || November 9th || Big CanoeBlog_Layouts_2013Review32
“We both could agree that this picture is our absolute favorite! Chris and Allie did such a wonderful job of allowing us to be ourselves while they captured the special moments between us. This picture is such a genuine laugh from both of us! We will look back and be reminded of how well we loved each other that day. Hopefully we will still be laughing just as often!” – MadisonBlog_Layouts_2013Review33

Jacqueline + Joseph || November 16th || Douglasville, GABlog_Layouts_2013Review34
“(Left) This is Joe’s favorite photo from our wedding. He loves that he could add a little touch of something that he admires most. (Right) This is my favorite. I love that y’all captured Joe’s true smile and made it looks so beautiful. I love how the trees are reflecting off the lake. We are not very photogenic when it comes to having someone take our pictures, but with The Reason they make everything so fun and easy. They are a great team that have an awesome connection with their clients. They go above and beyond to capture your special day.” – JacquelineBlog_Layouts_2013Review35

Alex + Mark || November 17th || Dalton, GABlog_Layouts_2013Review36

Caroline + Jason || December 7th || Montgomery, ALBlog_Layouts_2013Review37

From a recent trip to San Francisco and Muir Woods.


jenn + chris’ wedding was so perfect. the details, the dress, the love…

ready for a reallllly long post?

and here’s is a little video montage of the photobooth action.

jenn + chris: it was such a pleasure to be able to capture your big day. lots of love!  :)

chris + allie

we’ve got plenty of photos coming, but we’ve been back for a few days and i need to catch up with sharing these images with you.  allie and i drove up hwy 1 along the coast to san francisco.  this might have been the most beautiful drive we’ve ever taken.  the first few shots are from our quick stay in los angeles.

in line for some awesome hot dogs in the city of angels.  pink’s was good.  not great.

LA_Day3-4  001

for a few days.  i simply couldn’t avoid the onion ring.

LA_Day3-4  005

we love the show “californication” and while in venice beach, allie and i searched for a few of the most used locations.  this one was karen & bill’s house.

LA_Day3-4  016

this is hank’s loft.

LA_Day3-4  017i bet you’ve seen this in a million movies or tv shows…

LA_Day3-4  026some of y’all saw this on twitter, but here it is again.  allie’s first time in the pacific ocean.

LA_Day3-4  030

okay.  finally we are on the 1. wow, what an amazing ride.  we highly recommend it.

LA_Day3-4  086

LA_Day3-4  087

i love it when the car rental company doesn’t have the car you ordered in stock so they have to upgrade you.

LA_Day3-4  091

my favorite shot with the diana on the drive up to san francisco.

LA_Day3-4  174don’t worry, allie’s instax are coming soon.  we took too many cameras so you’ll see some of the same stuff coming up, just shot in a different way each time.  then again…  we are photographers.  what did you expect?

chris + allie.

okay here are some photos of day 2.  it’s really been a great trip so far and as i’m writing this it’s the end of day four.  again, i’ve fallen in love with these plastic lenses and allie got a whole collection of instax photos coming soon.  most of these photos were taken in La Jolla.

SanDiego_Day2  103SanDiego_Day2  104SanDiego_Day2  105SanDiego_Day2  106SanDiego_Day2  107SanDiego_Day2  108SanDiego_Day2  109SanDiego_Day2  110SanDiego_Day2  111SanDiego_Day2  112SanDiego_Day2  113SanDiego_Day2  114SanDiego_Day2  116SanDiego_Day2  117SanDiego_Day2  118thanks Becker for the amazing nachos.

chris + allie.