we were honored that sarah + bryan chose us to shoot their wedding, especially since they are photographers themselves! we had to get the warmed up in front of the camera, but it didn’t take long.

sarah workin’ those heels

love their silly side… so much fun!

how awesome are these shirts? bryan found his and then sarah searched for one and found it. perfect.

our awesome intern, colleen, snagged this shot of bryan warming sarah up.  :)

we love trying new things. sarah + bryan were up for anything, so we tested this on them. came out pretty sweet, dontcha think?

sarah + bryan: thanks for spending the windy, rainy afternoon with us! we had tons of fun and can’t wait for the wedding! :)

chris + allie

ashley + chris were two most fun people to shoot ever.  we went over to little five points and had a blast.  hold on folks cause here we go…  meet the love birds.

AshleyChrisBlog  001

flip flops and converse… just like allie and i.

AshleyChrisBlog  002

…and they said they were shy in front of a camera.  these were some of the first pics.  we weren’t even warmed up yet.  they rock.

AshleyChrisBlog  017

i told them i drew that line just for them…  they admired it for like 5 seconds intently.

AshleyChrisBlog  003

we stumbled onto an amazing vine wall, that i’m sure allie and i will be using in the future…  many times…  it’s amazing…  i need to stop with the “…”

AshleyChrisBlog  004

not to embarrass you chris, but ashley owned you.

AshleyChrisBlog  019

there were so many great spots. this alley is amazing.

AshleyChrisBlog  005

the many faces of  ashley + chris.

AshleyChrisBlog  015

we found this fake chalk outline (i hope) where someone was killed.  chris asked if he could lay in it.  i said yes, obviously.

AshleyChrisBlog  006

they had such great personalities even the mannequins joined in.

AshleyChrisBlog  018

chris had this pillow made for ashley.  it reads “olive you,” and it’s a giant plush olive.  respect dude.  respect.

AshleyChrisBlog  007

AshleyChrisBlog  008

AshleyChrisBlog  009

i said “singing in the rain.” they handed this in as their homework.  i gave them an “a.”

AshleyChrisBlog  010

taking in the atlanta dusk, the light was beautiful for photos.

AshleyChrisBlog  011

i had some markers and poster board left in my car from our christmas card sessions, so i made them write one thing they’d promise to do for each other when they are married.


then they turned the markers on themselves.

AshleyChrisBlog  016

love. devotion.

AshleyChrisBlog  012

security.  faithful.

AshleyChrisBlog  013

now for some fun with nikon’s intervalmeter feature. weeeee….  magic.

AshleyChrisBlog  014

thanks ashley + chris.  congrats again!

chris + allie.

chris and i love when we discover new people, places, and things that inspire us, so we’ve decided to bring a new “the reason we love…” post to you on our blog each week!  the first one is for all you brides out there who are having trouble finding a gift for your bridesmaids.

you might remember brittney + anthony from the sno-cone-filled engagement shoot a while back.  brittney contacted us a few weeks ago and really wanted to do something special for her bridesmaids.  something other than a pair of earrings or a necklace to wear on the wedding day.  something they would really LOVE.  she came up with the best idea – why not have a small photo session with them and then make them each an album with the photos that they can always look back on?  we fell in love with the idea.

here’s what brittney had to say about her idea and what she plans on doing with the photos :

“i was trying to figure out something cool to do for my bridesmaids, not something that everyone else does i guess.  i just wanted something unique.  hannah (one of the bridesmaids) and i were talking and we came up with this!  i am making each girl a special little gift, it’s a suprise though!  i’ll show you when i am done!”


i’m not sure how we got so lucky, but brittney’s bridesmaids – all of them – are absolutely gorgeous and have the best personalities.  we’re so excited about the wedding day!



when brittney asked where we should take the photos, we asked her what her and the girls usually do together.  she told told us they love to go on picnics, so that’s exactly what we did.  they even brought a few props!  :)







a little questionnaire with the girls :

what superhero/alter ego name would your friends give you?

rachel : free faller

hannah : phoebe

liz : ballerina



next, we took each girl off to the side to take a few photos with brittney.  we got to find out how they met brittney and why they love her so much.  below, brittney describes each bridesmaid in 3 words :


beautiful.  loving.  genuine.



precious.  sincere.  gorgeous.



funny.  joyful.  free-spirited.



sweet.  smart.  dependable.



ballerina.  trustworthy.  encouraging.



funny.  honest.  beautiful.



sporty.  fun.  amazing.


next, the girls TRIED climbing a tree.  only 2 were successful.  hilarious, nonetheless!


after we had fun in piedmont park, we drove over to little 5 points.  the first stop was zesto for ice cream.




the girls changed into cute dresses and we walked the streets, eventually stopping in a thrift store.



one pizza topping for the rest of your life?

liz : sun dried tomatoes

kristen : hmmm… tough one.  probably pepperonis.

rachel : pepperoni, easy.

hannah : cheeseeee



we can’t tell you how much fun this was.  not only hanging out with them all day and laughing, but being able to meet them and know their personalities before the wedding day.  not only would this work for bridesmaids, but groomsmen, seniors, and siblings as well!

much love,

chris + allie